Your Help


The sweethearts Foundation is a 100% volunteer based non-profit organisation. If you believe in our cause and want to help there are many ways in which you can get involved.

♥ Collect "Tops" and "Tags"

♥ Become a "Collection Point" in your neighbourhood

♥ Attend or organise a wheelchair handover

♥ Raise awareness and community outreach

♥ Fundraising

♥ Social media and blogging

♥ Photography or videography of events and wheelchair handovers

♥ IT, tech assistance

♥ Help with logistics

Something else not listed here (tell us!)


Collect Tops & Tags

Help us collect and recycle bread tags and plastic bottle tops. In exchange we’ll pass on wheelchairs to those in need.
Tags are the plastic squares used to close the packet holding a loaf of bread.
Tops collected are those you find on milk, water, cold drinks bottles and similar.
Tops and Tags should be separated because they are different types of plastic. Store your Tops and Tags in clearly labelled boxes.
All Tops and Tags should be clean and dry, especially reclaimed Tops and Tags from community clean-up days or rubbish dumps.
Please NO foreign objects or metal!
Download these beautiful posters and collection labels to help with your collection efforts!

Collection Points

Use this interactive map to find a Collection Point near to where you live or work to deliver your Tops & Tags. Just scroll or zoom to search the area and click on the tag to see the contact details for the Collection Point.

Become a Collection Point

The sweethearts are continuously looking to expand our presence by growing the number of Collection Points – a vital part of the process!