Sharing the Gift of Movement

On behalf of the sweethearts we would truly love to help you with your request for a wheelchair!

We try our best to help as soon as we can however this is dependent on how well our Tops & Tags collection is going and whether we have funds to assist with specialised or children's wheelchairs. To be added to the waiting list, please follow the instructions and submit all the relevant documents.

1. Click the "REQUEST A WHEELCHAIR" button and complete the form which serves as our waiting list.

Please include as much detail as possible! Is a child or adult sized wheelchair required? Has an occupational therapist assessed the wheelchair beneficiary? Are there any special requirements?


2. Email the following documents to us at so we can verify all the information is correct.

If you are completing the form on behalf of someone else please provide us with your certified ID and include your info as well as the wheelchair beneficiary’s information on the affidavit to show how you are connected. Please include your contact details!

♥ Original certified affidavit requesting the need for a wheelchair. (DOWNLOAD HERE)

♥ Original certified copy of the wheelchair beneficiary’s ID or Birth Certificate


3. Post us the original documents

Please keep original copies of all documents we will need this to request a wheelchair and will make a plan to collect this from you.